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Double Vals

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Discover the practical yet powerful keys that will guide you to exceptional grades, exemplary balance, and extraordinary life-fulfillment.

Entering Spelman College as nervous, doubtful freshman, Kirstie and Kristie Bronner never imagined what would become of their journey - that they would make history as the first twins to graduate as double valedictorians, with perfect 4.0 GPA's and appearing in the media headlines!

Like many college students, they experienced stress, discouragement, and the overwhelming longing to fast-forward to the momement they would dance across the platform with their diplomas in-hand. They were not in love with school, neither were they Einsteins.

Their secret was not found in genius, but in exceptional habits and hard work! This means that their story of academic preeminence and life success can become yours!

Double Vals exposes the common mistakes of college students and breaks down in detail the “how to” of maintaining a perfect GPA, while living a balanced life.

You'll gain the keys to:

  • Study tips that work miracles
  • Time management that makes you a master of minutes
  • Scheduling that conquers busyness
  • Perspective that redirects your focus
  • Relationships that boost your GPA
  • Classroom miracles that drop your jaw
  • Excellence that causes you to stand out
  • Risks that you should take
  • Balanced living that yields holistic health
  • School lessons that transfer to life lessons
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