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Bridging the Gap: What Teens Wish Their Parents Knew

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“Parenting” Definition: a God-given job with endless benefits, countless demands, and imaginary retirement!

Many would argue that raising teens is the hardest part. Before adolescence is over, some parents end up with heads full of gray!

Have you ever wished you could get the inside scoop on your teenager’s brain?—What they’re thinking, why they make such foolish choices, and why they just don’t listen? Well, this insight is the driving force behind Bridging the Gap.

Of all the parenting books you might have read, what makes this one special is just how we’ve attained our inside scoop. Surprisingly, we are not yet parents ourselves, but simply twin sisters who grew up in a household of seven and have spent all of our career thus far with the interesting species we call teenagers.

On a regular basis, we engage teens and their parents enough to see the patterns, the dead-end mistakes, and the things that really work. In Bridging the Gap, we share insight from interviews we’ve conducted with parents and teens separately; our perspective of what our parents did right; and stories from countless sessions with teens. We don’t claim to have the cure for every household, but we are confident that, if you apply these principles, you’ll be better prepared to cultivate an exceptional family.

You’ll discover secrets that will…

  • Expose what teenagers are really thinking
  • Build trust between you and your teen
  • Empower you to raise powerful decision-makers instead of immature robots
  • Heal your parent-teen relationship
  • Help you discipline without driving your teen away
  • Enhance communication between you and your teen
  • Teach the balance of being “friend” and “parent”
  • Increase your teen’s respect for you
  • Create healthy boundaries for protection
  • Help you protect without smothering
  • Improve your teen’s self-image
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