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Dr. John C. Maxwell 

Speaker & New York Times Best-selling Author


“Anyone who claims to be self-made could have been much more if he let someone help him. The Bronner twins have created a tool to help others become better. Double Vals: The Keys to Success in College and Life Beyond is a masterful roadmap to academic excellence and holistic success. They have written a humorous and creative book that will hold the reader’s attention. Double Vals is a must-read for every student as well as every person seeking a greater level of life excellence”! 



“Kirstie and Kristie Bronner understand that everything we do, when we do it for God, is worthy of our greatest effort. Be inspired and challenged by Double Vals and get busy reaching your full potential in Christ.”

Steven Furtick  

Pastor, Songwriter & New York Times Best-selling Author

Dr. Sam Chand

Leadership Architect and Consultant, Author, Change Strategist,

and Author 


“Excellence is never accidental—it is always intentional. In Double Vals: The Keys to Success in College and Life Beyond, twin sisters Kirstie and Kristie Bronner will take you on a journey on what it takes to be double valedictorians at the prestigious Spelman College. I know them to be well rounded, non-bookish and fun-filled young ladies. Parents and young adults will find it fun reading while encouraging.”

Dr. John Edmund Haggai

Founder and President of Haggai Institute for

Advanced Leadership Training


“The Bronner twins demonstrate that it is not what happens to you that’s important. It’s the way you respond to what happens to you, that’s important. These lovely young ladies would grace any intellectual and polite company. Unlike many intellectual achievers, they are not unbalanced geeks or socially impaired nerds. People of any rank of intellectuality or echelon of culture will profit enormously by reading (yes, and rereading) this book.”

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